It’s All About Saving Money on Inmate Calls!’s “Family Calling Plan” saves a lot of money! The solution to saving on inmate calls using’s “Family Calling Plan”. When your inmate calls your new “Inmate Phone Number" your land or mobile phone will ring and you save! You won’t have to pay premium jail calling rates.

It’s Simple to Save On Inmate Calls!

The solution to expensive jail phone charges is a “Family Calling Plan” which is billed separately from any account you may already have GTL, Securus, VConnect, Paytel or other in-jail phone providers. When your inmate dials to use your “Family Calling Plan” Your phone rings and you save! International calls save even more. Start saving now with the “Family Calling Plan”

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Lower Cost Jail Calls

We save you money with our affordable “Family Calling Plan”. Sign up now & start saving today!


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  • Instant Activation
  • Pay One Time Every 90 days
  • No Automatic Billing!
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Unlimited Talk Time
  • All calls go “Only to Your Phone Number”
  • International Calls Available at an Extra Price

Global-Tel’s inmate Calling Service is the best way to ensure you save the most on your inmate calls.


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Eliminate Inmate Collect Calls and Save!

Eliminate super high collect call charges by signing up. Save on every call you receive from the facility. Setup is quick and easy. You’ll get the following:

  • Unlimited Talk Time
  • Calls to Your Phone
  • U.S. and International Calls
  • No Contract
  • Cancel Anytime

Reduce High International Jail Calling Charges

Are you located outside of the U.S? Receive Jail Calls made to your international phone at a deep discount. Our Inmate Calling Service helps you save from calls made from any jail or prison facility in the United States. Sign up with Global-Tel to save.


Your inmate’s calls will now be billed lower cost calls. You can cancel anytime or when your inmate is released or moved to another jail or prison facility.


  • SIGN UP HERE to activate your Inmate Family Calling Plan.
  • Register your "Inmate Family Calling Plan Number" with the jail facility.
  • Your inmate must register your new "Inmate Family Calling Plan Number" with the jails phone provider.
  • Now, when your inmate makes a call, these calls will call your "Inmate Family Calling Plan Number" and CALL ONLY YOU! All their calls will be billed at the jail facilities lowest calling rate. No More High Call Charges when your inmate dials your "Inmate Family Calling Plan Number".
  • Your mobile or land line phone will ring as usual


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Your Inmates Facility Call Provider charges you separately. We do not limit your "Inmate Family Calling Plan Number". We don’t control inmate facility calling rate plans and policies that may vary by facility.

$45.99 for 90 days

Unlimited Minutes

Change Your Phone Number Anytime

Lowest Priced Provider

High Quality Calls