Affiliated Companies

The following companies are or were services or subsidiaries of Interactive Media Technologies, Inc. doing business as GlobalTel, a Florida Based telecommunications company with offices in Miami and Boca Raton, Florida. IMT was founded on June 9, 1991

A division of IMT that provides international Callback services throughout the World on a retail and wholesale basis with over 300 agents.Globaltel was created in 1994

A wholesale callback service of Globaltel marketed thru wholesale agents in over 25 countries.

Manual Roaming Services provided to mobile phone users in the U.S. The service is offered to a caller using a mobile phone in areas where normal billing services are not available at that moment.

Providing VoIP and Paper Phone cards with primary focus on Brazil.GlobalNovawas is a fully licensed CLEC in Brazil and an IXC in the U.S.

Globaltel IP provides VoIP termination and hosted VoIP platform solutions to every country, thru wholesale agents. OTC symbol "CLRI".

A service of GlobalTelip.VoiceInterop provides advanced Radio over IP, massive call conferencing, airport crash phone solutions and other first responder communications solutions that enables a mission critical business or government the ability to communicate via multiple devices, i.e. two-way radios, mobile phones, TDM phones, IP phones, iDEN radios, and PCs.

A subsidiary of American Roaming Network, Inc. The principle of our history goes back to the privatization of telecommunications in Brazil. Aimed at preserving the quality of services in processing, settlement (Clearing) and roaming, VSB International has exceeded the boundaries of the domestic market and has established itself in the IT market as a symbol of quality and professionalism. VSB International has as customers the Brazilians' Main Players.

We are a leading provider of solutions for information technology to telecommunications companies in Brazil. We have as customers, in addition to wireline and long distance carriers, the largest mobile carriers in the market. Our products guarantee the perfect service to more than 100 million subscribers. We continued at the forefront of qualified services, strengthening our ability to serve new markets and emerging segments.

To meet the demanding needs of our customers, our operation has a structure of care and support highly qualified, ensuring high availability, performance, security and stability. All our systems are operated in an environment of IDC (Internet Data Center), with infrastructure totally redundant and certified in accordance with international standards.

VSB International was pioneered in the development of CDR Reconciliation, as a result of extensive research and technology investment.