GlobalTel Android App

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This App is made exclusively for serious GlobalTel users that make frequent calls and demand the best quality VoIP app.

You must make at least one call per month to keep this app in active status.

In case your app is deactivated due to non-use, you can contact GlobalTel Support any time to reactivate it.

Our new Android VoIP App/Client for 3G/4G and WiFi devices provides a premium India calling card and international calling service all in one. Just buy a PIN, download the app, insert the PIN into app settings and start making your India and International Calls with great quality and very low cost.

The GlobalTel Android VoiP App/Client enables you to easily control your India calling card and international call expenses. Our Android VoIP app works with Wi-Fi or even your mobile carriers supplied 3G/4G broadband service and offers a full range of user options such as using your existing "Contacts", Redialing the last 15 phone numbers and low international rates to call India or any other country.'s Android App is the best VoIP app for Android devices and a smart choice for making all your international and India calls.

GlobalTel is a highly secure, standards-based mobile VoIP softphone that uses your existing contacts list, facilitates easy and effective communication management with easy to use - intuitive screens.

GlobalTel also incorporated advanced security for secure call signaling including upgraded audio features including the expensive G729 codec usually found on top of the line VoiP dialers.