GLOBALTEL’S CALLBACK PHONE CARDS ENABLE CUSTOMERS IN EVERY COUNTRY TO MAKE INTERNATIONAL CALLS. All marketing is performed by CMB-AGENTS (Wholesale International Callback Agents) who sell, activate and recharge cards 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

RATES and COMMISSIONS (discounts). This program offers three rate plans. The rates shown on the rate sheets are retail rates – the rate charged to the customer. Agents buy these minutes at a 20%, 25% or 30% discount. Example: Using the standard plan, which is the 20% discount plan, the agent pays $4 USD for a $5 card and sells the International Callback card to the customer for $5.

QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. These International Callback PINs/Cards provide the highest quality calls on the market. GlobalTel’s worldwide network is made up of multiple tier-one international carriers to terminate calls and provide service to every country.

The International Callback network is designed to assure uninterrupted, high quality service for business, professional and government use.

The customer service system includes highly skilled customer service department and routing and departments, website resources and a high capacity, high speed, switching facility that automatically finds and routes calls thru multiple tier one-carriers to assure a high call-completion ratio.

DENOMINATIONS. The International Callback card is available in any denomination that you decide. Physical or paper cards are seldom used, but some agents do print and brand their own cards using International Callback PINS provided by GlobalTel.

TEST A VIRTUAL CARD. We encourage you to test the system with a free sample card sent too you by email. It is important for you to test the quality, speed and dialing procedures for making an International Callback call from your cell phone, your computer, your home and office phone. You will experience the user-friendly dialing procedure, the helpful voice prompts in your own language and the high quality of the call. The balance is spoken on each International Callback call.

THERE ARE, NO CONNECTION FEES and the International Callback cards feature Low International Rates, Real-time billing, and Online Account Management! As you know, the phone cards are popular worldwide and there is no limit to your earning potential.

YOU DO NOT NEED A CREDIT CARD; we require only proof of identity and your résumé, or a completed MARKET PLAN INFORMATION FORM we provide. Exchange of information and paper work is done by email. New applicants can begin selling phone cards within a few days.

MARKET WORLDWIDE WITH YOUR CALLBACK SERVICE WEBSITE. A website is not necessary or required. f you already have a website, we will provide you with a free link to your

GLOBALTEL MARKETS THROUGH ITS AGENTS AGENTS and agent support is a priority at the GlobalTel home offices in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. GlobalTel works hard to establish and maintain long-term relationships with good agents. GlobalTel knows that its Agents work hard to get International Callback customers and that it is very important to keep those International Callback customers. Long time International Callback customers are often an International Callback Agent's best source of new customers.

CONTROL YOUR BUSINESS WITH OUR ONLINE MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT . As a GLOBALTEL International Callback agent, you will have complete control of your business. You can activate cards, re-charge cards, change and update card information, view call history and see Account Activity Online. You can operate your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without assistance from GlobalTel.. You can issue new cards and recharge cards for your International Callback customers, instantly, anytime without any delay.

THIS IS A PREPAID WHOLESALE BUSINESS.. Agents purchase the cards at a discount and resell International Callback for a profit.

Most of the customers are individuals, businesses and organizations who make international calls. Call Shops, ex-patriots, students and foreign workers are heavy users of these cards.

The GlobalTel Marketing System for Agents Gives the Agent Complete Control

Your Customers Enjoy These Features:

ANI CALLBACK - CALL FROM ANY PHONE IN ANY COUNTRY – Dial the ANI number and hang up. “ANI (automatic number identification) CALLBACK” is possible when you call GlobalTel’s ANI number and when the phone you are calling from sends caller ID data.

GlobalTel’s network will identify the phone you are calling from and call you back. Answer the callback and enter your ACCESS CODE followed by the # key. You can then make calls to any phone in any country.

Contact for the GlobalTel ANI number.

SMS CALLBACK – TRIGGER A CALLBACK WITH AN SMS MESSAGE. Most customers trigger callback by dialing their trigger number, hear one ring and hang up. The callback comes in a few seconds. But, at times, SMS callback may be needed. Customers send a short text message from their mobile phones to GlobalTel’s Mobile Gateway phone number 1 561 542 3667. This triggers the callback from GlobalTel’s switch in Miami, Florida, USA to your Mobile Phone. Be sure to enter your International Operator number (usually 00, or 01, or 001) first. Example: 00 1 561 542 3667. (do not leave spaces between the numbers).

REAL-TIME BILLING. Customers can instantly see online, balance and billing information by going to www.CallMeBack.Net. They will also hear the account balance on every call. While online, enter the ACCOUNT number; click on CHANGE INFO/VIEW BILLING. In the next page, click on VIEW BILL.

RATES. Agents can market with three (3) rate plans - 20%, 25% and 30% discount. This variety of International Callback rates enables Agents to be competitive in more markets.

They will quickly be connected to GlobalTel's system so they can make calls to any country. Customers with GSM phones (the primary Mobile System of Europe and Asia) generally do not incur a bill from their mobile phone provider.

Working with GlobalTel is easy and profitable (20% to 30% profit). To start the process contact - Identify and provide some brief information about yourself and/or your business. We provide a MARKETING PLAN INFORMATION FORM for this purpose. You will receive, by email, an information package, an agreement form and rate sheets


Call From Any Country To Any Country With GlobalTel's CallMeBack.Net Prepaid, Phone Card

(See: www.CallMeBack.Net, for low rates and detailed information)